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Aussie Curves : Swimwear

07 February 2013

I've been meaning to join in with the Aussie Curves Outfit Challenge for a few weeks now but I just kept getting distracted. Kind of interesting that the week that I do finally get around to joining in, the theme is swimwear.

One Piece : Lily & Lou for Best and Less
Sarong : Homemade

For a long time I've refused to don a pair of togs. It wasn't that I didn't want to go swimming, I was worried about what other people would think. I was worried about the potential snide remarks, sideways glances, snickers. I wasn't always like that though, I distinctly remember donning a cute little red bikini one summer when I was about 19. Post first child, I'd happily go swimming without giving my newly acquired softness a thought. But after the second one (kid that is) my body really changed and my self esteem just went south. I sat on the sidelines and watched my kids have fun in the water with Mr Mess, my SIL, everyone but me.

Something clicked last summer though. I was sitting watching the boys play in the local pool with my two SILs and thought to myself, why the fuck am I doing this. I was sitting on the sidelines missing out on having loads of fun with my boys all because of what some stranger might think?! As I said, things finally clicked.

Since then I haven't looked back. I happily suit up for a dip with the boys whether it's in our backyard blow up pool or at our nearest aquatic centre. I haven't had the courage (for want of a better word) to go board-short-less in public, but at home I do. Perhaps a swim skirt is the next step, next summer.

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  1. Good on you Emma! You look fab in your swimmers, and I'm so glad you're joining in. I need to do the same.

  2. You look fantastic! I completely relate to what you are saying about missing out on your children's fun because of what might happen. I have certainly been guilty of this in the past. Good on you for getting out there and having fun with your children. They will remember the fact that you mucked around and played with them not your shape or size.

  3. Cute swimmers!!!
    I recommend a swimskirt, up until this year I wouldn't go without board shorts, and since I've had a swim skirt, I haven't looked back :)

  4. You have great legs. And I completely agree about not missing out. Well done for joining in


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