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Body+ : My view

13 February 2013

On my quest to find the real me, I’ve discovered that I feel rather passionate about the issue of body image.  Over the past few months I’ve come to realise that women and girls the world over put so much time, money and brainpower into trying to attain society’s very skewed and unrealistic beauty ideals. How different would our lives be if we’d invested all those resources toward behaviours and activities that enrich our lives with  purpose, meaning and a positive sense of self.

I’ve spent so much of my life hating my body. I hated it for being fat, round, slow and ugly when I was a teenager. In my late teens/early twenties I hated my body because it never matched the vision of beauty that I had in my mind. When it came time to having kids, I hated my body because it wouldn’t work the way it should, because it let me down. Then after I finally had my boys, I hated my body because I knew it would NEVER fit that warped cookie cutter vision of beauty.  Do you know what happens to a woman who spends two-thirds of her short life, hating herself for the way she looks? Her body, mind and spirit end up broken by abuse and neglect.

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I’m now 31 and I will fix this. Piece by piece, little by little I will right the wrongs. What I need is a little TLC. My mind, body and spirit deserve respect and a whole lot of love.

The main objective of Body+ (here in my little corner of the blogosphere) is to learn to love my body and hopefully to help you love yours more too. Through inspiring quotes and articles I find as well as my own thoughts and ideas, I'll be travelling along this important road to a better and happier me. Will you come with me?


  1. Absolutely sounds like my current journey! :-) I've been inspired mostly by and pins I find. Hugs! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog/instagram.

    1. Thanks Julia, I'm glad you found me too because that looks like a great FB page :)


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