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Hello Goodbye : Spring

09 September 2013

It's September, the month that we shake off the covers, open the windows and breath in the beautiful fresh Spring air. It's my absolute favourite season, the weather is warming and the garden is blossoming. 

This week I'm saying :

Farewell Mum
My mum has been visiting with us for the past four weeks. It's been wonderful having her here for such an extended stay but sadly her holiday is over and she's returned home again.

Hello Routine
With Mum gone, we've all got to re-adjust back into our normal routine.

Hello Rain
We've had some beautiful weather, alas it wasn't to last the rain is back for most of this week!

and last but not least

As swiftly as this year seems to be going, it feels like an eternity since last Spring. I'm so excited to see my bluebells budding and my peach tree is on the verge of full bloom already. Long time readers will know the pièce de résistance of Spring for me is my beloved cherry blossom. I am eagerly awaiting the first blossoms, though they are a way off yet. The peach tree that we planted just last year is putting on a fine show though and has provided me the opportunity to dust off the camera a few weeks early.

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