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Hello Goodbye : Daylight

07 October 2013

I cannot believe it's October! Where on earth has the year gone? Incidentally did you know it's 78 days until Christmas?? ARRRGH Crazy!

I had planned for Hello Goodbye to be a weekly post, but I kind of got distracted. Never the less, here we are again.

This week I'm saying :

Goodbye/Hello School Holidays

We're just starting the second week of the spring school holidays here in Tassie. The boys have been quite content with the quiet week we had last week. I think they both really needed to rest and recuperate a little. This week will be fairly laid back as well. So far the only plans we have are to visit the cinemas to watch the new Disney movie, Planes. We're also hoping it warms up a little more so we can visit the local beach to do some exploring and fossicking.

Hello Meal Planning

For the last few months, I have been so slack with meal planning and boy has it cost me, both financially and health wise. I've fallen into a habit of shopping daily and on the days that we're busy, I'm not making good food choices for my family. It has to stop, so this week I'm going back to a written meal plan and weekly shop. Hopefully this will help keep my healthy eating on track.

Hello Blogging

I've missed the blogging community. I'm making it my mission this week to come up with ways to blog more regularly. I'm also thinking about the direction of my blog, trying to decide what topics I'm really interested in blogging about.

Hello Cherry Blossoms

It's that time of year again, my cherry blossom tree is starting to bloom. I have never seen it so heavy with buds. It's going to put on the most amazing show this year, I can't wait for it to be in full bloom.

I've noticed a funny happening on one of this years new branches. It's only a short branch, about 10 inches in length and it only has buds on the end. There are about a dozen buds concentrated in a clump right on the tip of the branch. It will be interesting to see all these little buds bloom.

Hello Daylight Savings

Saturday saw the start of Daylight Savings across most of the eastern seaboard of Australia. The boys were so excited to turn the clocks forward. DLS means longer days, which means more play! We take full advantage of the extra light, especially as the weather starts to warm up. We often take after dinner walks along the beach, have family and friends over for a bbq or even have picnic dinners at the local park. The boys are already taking advantage of the extra light and Rosie loves it when we're all out playing in the back yard.

But my absolute favourite part of DLS.........Enjoying this view every night.

Hello Goodbye is a weekly post series about reflecting on the past weekend and a look ahead to the coming week. Feel free to join in and leave your link in the comments.

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  1. Lovely post Emma :-) I wish I was home with my little boy for the school holidays too :-( x


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