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01 January 2014

It seems like 2013 has flashed by in the blink of an eye. It wasn't a "big" year for us, quite the opposite actually. Nothing much happened, nothing much changed. I've plodded along in a frustrated haze of monotony for the most part. The last few years we've been living in a state of limbo, waiting for circumstances to change so we can move forward with our life. It's been a frustrating, anxious and weary time. Treading the waters of life sucks, it feels like everything is passing you by while you're struggling to stay afloat.

That's all going to change in 2014. Mr Mess and I have already made some major decisions that will force changes. We've basically thrown all our chips in the air and where they fall will dictate which road we venture down next. It's a scary, but exciting time for us and we, MM and I, are feeling content with the decision and much happier in general since having made it.

On a personal level, 2014 will see me continue on my journey to self discovery and love. I'll also be trying to make my health and happiness a priority. Regular exercise, nutritious food, lots of fresh air and sunshine, definitely what the doctor ordered. My new interest in fashion and style will no doubt continue to evolve as I continue to push my self to make more of an effort with my appearance. It's not second nature yet, but when I dress well and look polished, I feel good. 

I'm planning a photographic project to reignite my passion for the art. I've been so sporadic with the camera this year, it's actually depressing to go back through the archives because the reality is that I've missed so many moments and memories this year. One of my aims this year is to shoot "lifestyle" and "photojournalist" style pictures. Photos that depict my family's everyday life, not posed portraits which my kids hate. It's going to take some time, effort and a lot of learning which is great, exactly what I need to stoke the creative fire.

One of my goals for this year is to start documenting memories. Even though I've been snapping pictures at our big events I don't feel like I've been documenting the memories of our day to day life. I love looking through my family photo albums the sense of nostalgia always warms the cockles of my heart, I want to make sure my children have their childhood memories preserved too.  I don't have the patience, time or budget for traditional scrapbooking and I'm not really a big fan of the over the top styles anyway. So I'm looking at something simple an efficient something like the Project Life system by Beccy Higgins.

I'm keeping my resolutions and goals simple this year, mainly because I really tried to over complicate things last year and it all went to shit rather quickly. No deadlines or rules, but attainable goals and maintainable resolutions and a simple promise to check in once in a a while and let you know how things are going. For now this is what going up on my wall in front of my desk, it will be my motivational reminder for 2014.

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